The following drop-down menu contains lots of useful information (some of which is only in Finnish) for all EMO students: annual curricula, timetables, syllabi, etc.

The newsletter Prima Vista appears three times a year and is available on the EMO website. The August edition of Prima Vista is also published in a print version that is sent to the home of every student. This magazine should be kept handy throughout the school year, as it contains lots of useful information such as orchestra rehearsal schedules, music theory timetables, and contact details for individual members of staff. More information about individual courses of study can be obtained from members of staff and from the EMO office. You can also turn to the deputy head of your own subject if you have any questions.

The deputy head for string instruments, kantele, folk-music kantele and harp  is Laura Clewer, tel. 81657275,

The deputy head for woodwinds, brass, piano, harpsichord, organ, guitar, accordion and music play is Marja Korpi, tel. 81657263, marja.korpi(at)


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