The Espoo Music Institute offers instruction on all Western acoustic instruments including the electric kantele and in singing or composition. Our goal is that every pupil at EMO should find his or her own musical pathway, one which meets the pupil’s individual needs and aims and which may continue throughout the pupil’s life as an ongoing pursuit.

- Preparatory Instrumental Instruction

Some of the youngest pupils, particularly those of pre-school age, will initially be advised to take preparatory instrumental instruction. These courses introduce pupils to their chosen instrument and to the general idea of what it takes to learn to play a musical instrument. Instruction can be either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. From the preparatory course, after a short playing demonstration and with the recommendation of their teacher, pupils can then apply to study at the Music Institute proper.

- Music Institute

Pupils at the Music Institute receive target-oriented instruction in an instrument of their choice or in singing. In addition, pupils are taught the rudiments of music history and theory and gain experience in ensemble playing. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in optional courses including rhythmic training, dance, music technology and choral singing.  The content and goals of the teaching for individual students are planned out each year together with the teacher. The Music Institute offers students the possibility to undertake both the basic and the advanced syllabus of music, thus providing them with the skills necessary for professional musical studies later in life.

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