Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra is made up of around 70 talented young music students from Espoo Music Institue, EMO. The orchestra has received much praise from critics both in Finland and abroad during concert tours, which have taken the orchestra to China and many European countries.

The foundation for the acclaimed ensemble and its distinctive sound is the step-by-step orchestra-training programme of the Espoo Music Institute, in which young musicians move up from one orchestra to the next as they become more advanced. By the time they reach the symphony orchestra, they are not only masters of their own istruments but are experienced ensemble musicians as well. A mutual job well done, even if it entails a lot of hard work, is a tremendous experience and generates a great sense of belonging together.

The orchestra´s home is the Tapiola Hall, located at the Espoo Cultural Centre. Throughout its history, the orchestra has worked with Finland´s leading musicians as soloists. The orchestra has collaborated with Tapiola Sinfonietta, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, appeared on Finnish TV broadcasts, recorded music for commercials, radio broadcasts, and the feature films Bad Luck Love, Aleksis Kivi, Abandoned Houses - Empty Yards and Storm.

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