One year preparatory music groups

Music Ladders offers children an opportunity to explore music hobby in a group (6-8 children) for a school year.

During the weekly lessons (45-60 min) children will rehearse basic music skills with an instrument and enjoy making music together. Families may loan the instrument (except the keyboards) for rehearsing the instrument at home. There will also be visits to concerts and other events during the year.

After the Music Ladders -year, you can apply to basic level instrumental teaching to Espoo Music Institute or elsewhere. We will also build up a pathway towards other art forms: dance, theatre, circus and fine arts in co-operation with art schools in Espoo.

Music Ladders group will start at week 35. Info for new Music Ladders students will be Thursday 10.8. at 18.00 in Beethoven hall (3. floor)


MUSIC LADDERS -groups, school year 2017-2018:

Viola, teacher Tarja Koskinen
Day and time tba at August

Guitar, teacher Juuso Nieminen - 2 groups
Groups on Wednesday, time tba at August

Keyboard, teacher Rebekka Angervo - 2 groups
Groups on Tuesday, time tba at August

Trombone, teacher Janne Laine
Group on Tuesday, time tba at August

Woodwinds (instruments: recorder, clarinet, saxophone,), teacher Jenni Peltoniemi - 2 groups
Groups on Wednesday, time tba at August

Trumpet, teacher Erkki Haunio
Group on Tuesday, time tba at August

Violin, 2 groups
Group 1, teacher Sirkka Kuula
Group 2, teacher Riia Odé

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