The aim of this project is the development, construction and adaptation of a music technology classroom, thus creating a learning environment in which new technology plays a central role. Music technology is used in the teaching of music theory, in optional courses and as an integral part of instrumental instruction.

Named TeknoEMO, our music technology teaching environment brings together traditional music teaching and the new possibilities that modern technology provides. At the focus of the TeknoEMO project are the Institute’s staff and students, as the aim of TeknoEMO is to offer everyone enhanced possibilities to bring out their creativity and artistic work. This music technological environment can be individually tailored to each student: one student might use it to write songs using the Garage Band software; another might record his lesson and upload it to the Internet so that his aunt in Australia can listen in; a third might do some online ear-training exercises; a fourth is writing her own music blog… The possibilities are endless!

Find out more about TeknoEMO, the selection of music technology courses on offer, and take part in topical discussions at the TeknoEMO web site.


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