Focusing on protecting the hearing of staff and students in music institutes, the Noise-Free Music School Project came to an end in December 2008. This joint project, coordinated in association with EMO, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, and the Pop&Jazz Conservatory, examined music schools as a place of work and study from the perspective of protecting the hearing of staff and students alike. The noise levels experienced by members of staff were measured in a variety of different teaching environments, while some classrooms were fitted with special acoustic devices. The results gained from this study led to the creation of EMO’s noise prevention programme, which serves as a guiding principle and information package for both teachers and students.

The EMO staff room and office are equipped with earplugs, which can be borrowed for acute situations in which noise levels intermittently become too loud. If necessary, members of staff can also provide students with appropriate earplugs. For advice on how to protect your hearing, ask a member of staff.


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