EMO, the Espoo Music Institute, has been built up over the last forty-eight years with our own unique blend of skill, expertise and vision. My predecessors Erkki Pohjola and Timo Veijola know very well the creative madness and imagination, the combination of eloquence and determination that it took to bring the firm foundations of music education to Finland. Today, our generation is faced with a new set of challenges: the city of Espoo is expanding; society is becoming increasingly polarised; networking is an essential life skill; the media largely controls which kinds of culture are available. Our worldview can be often patchy and fragmentary.

 Though the target groups and objectives of music education in general have expanded, EMO's vision remains the same and has become more focused and crystallised: music stirs the most profound strings of humanity. By immersing ourselves in music, by letting ourselves be carried away with its playfulness, we can experience the timeless and unifying power at the heart of our humanity. Such unifying interaction is born out of meaningful experiences and long-lasting relationships. The firm commitment to music making can be seen in EMO's students, in their families and children. The EMO community enjoys a strong sense of togetherness: we have our own roots, our own traditions and a shared vision of a meaningful life that will last from one decade to the next. Indeed, as the years go by that vision becomes all the stronger.

 Children and young people have vast amounts of potential. Rather than underestimating their potential, we should have the courage to believe in our students' dreams. Every child has the right to grow to meet his or her own proportions. EMO provides an inspiring culture medium for all the creative young engineers, the artistic confectioners, the insightful doctors, the wise computer programmers, the artistic car drivers and singing nursery teachers of the future - not forgetting for the musicians who, in years to come, will perform on stages around the world. It is important that we always aim higher and higher!

 This week, just like every other week, EMO will have the city of Espoo ringing to the sound. Listen, can you hear? Join up now!

Paula Jordan, principal

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