EMO’s Chameleon Choirs are renowned for their colourful and energetic performances. In addition to body percussion and dance, improvisation and challenging forms of expression, the Chameleon Choirs’ concerts explore the whole spectrum of musical genres – everything from pop music to the national anthem, from pygmy songs to rock and roll.

Three different groups make up the Chameleon Choirs: children aged 6-10 are placed in Hepulit to begin with and then in  the Sisiliskot (‘Lizards’) group. After that they progress to Sekamelska (‘Chaos’), a group for children aged 9-13. The three choirs perform both separately and together as an ensemble of around eighty singers. The director of choirs is Veera Voima.

Over the years, the Chameleon Choirs have performed at numerous prestigious events from concerts at the Helsinki City Festival to special performances for large companies. Several of their concerts have also been broadcast on radio and television.



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