* Next entrance examination for new pupils will be on May 2018 at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola.

* Applicants need to register for the selection process in advance through our website at April - May 2018. Link will open on the frontpage at April.

What happens at the entrance examination?

The entrance examination consists of two different stages: a short info session followed by an individual test. The whole process lasts around 60 minutes. During the info session, applicants and their families are given all relevant information about the content and timetable of the selection process. Registration forms should be completed before arriving at the info session, so applicants should aim to arrive around ten minutes before their allocated slot (listed in the audition timetable).

During the entrance examination applicant plays with the teacher "follow the leader" -game by singing and clapping rhythms by an example. Then applicant is expected to sing a song by his/her free choice. Applicant may also play the instrument which she/ he is applying to, but this is not obligatory. Assessing this will be a panel consisting of three of EMO’s friendly teachers. Parents may not be present during the test.


The results of the selection process will be posted on the EMO website and in the foyer of the Espoo Cultural Centre approximately one week after the tests. More detailed information regarding the results of the selection process can be obtained from the institute office later in the autumn. Specific times will be published during the selection process itself.

Which instrument should I learn? 

If you are interested in taking up a musical instrument, but you’re not sure which one, you should visit us at Soitinpolku (Open doors -day), where you can have the opportunity to explore different instruments with the guidance of the EMO staff. At EMO you can study all Western acoustic instruments. Come along and visit us at the Espoo Cultural Centre on May 5th  5-7pm and at our instrument introduction concerts in the foyer of the Tapiola Hall appr.5 and 6pm. For more information, please consult the Small Instrument Guide (PDF, in Finnish only).

Securing a place to study an orchestral instrument is easier than securing a place for the most popular instruments: namely the guitar and the piano. The exact number of free places for each instrument changes each year.

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